Frequently Asked Questions

Ray Grangoff For 

Orange city Council

Creating Jobs
Small businesses employ nearly 60% of the private workforce in America. The key to creating more jobs is to improve the economic climate for small business. At a local level we must remove harmful regulations and fees that make it difficult for business to thrive. As an example, the City of Orange charges a business license fee for anyone that starts a business. No one should be punished for trying to bring jobs to our community. One of my first acts as a city councilman will be to propose the elimination of this fee.
The quality of our schools should be a concern for all Orange residents. As a former school board member I know the importance of having a city that is an active and supportive partner of our schools. We should look for opportunities for the City to partner with our schools and share non-financial resources.
Government Reform
The cost of local government is increasing at an unnatural rate. A recent expose in the Orange County Register revealed that 51% of full-time City of Orange employees receive more then $100,000 in total compensation. If we fail to get a handle on the rapidly rising cost of government we will be unable to afford essential services like police, fire and infrastructure.  
Public Safety
The safety of our community should be the top priority of local government. As a city councilman I will support policies that empower law-abiding citizens over the law breakers. My background as a public safety policy adviser and a Reserve Deputy with the Orange County Sheriff's Department provides me with a unique perspective on how best to address the public safety issues of the day.
As an alternate on the Transportation Corridor Agency Board of Directors I have been intimately involved in working to increase regional mobility in Orange County. Eliminating traffic congestion is key to improving our quality of life. As a councilman I will support infrastructure projects that improves commute times for Orange citizens.