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Ray Grangoff For 

Orange city Council

If you would like to contribute to my campaign you may do so by filling out the form.

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You may also fill out this contribution formmail and mail it to my campaign address.

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342 W. Brookshire Avenue
Orange California 92865
Telephone: 714-941-9701

Contributions to Ray Grangoff For Orange City Council are not tax deductible. Federal and California law require political committees ($100 aggregate) and candidates ($200 aggregate) to report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate the allowed minimum amount or per calendar year. Corporate contributions may be used either for federal elections (Levin) or California state elections, and may also be made in any amount within limits.
City Of Orange Candidate Guidelines:
Currently, an individual, business entity, or any other organization or group of persons may not contribute (including loans) more than $1,000 to a candidate's election. The committee does not solicit and can not accept contributions in excess of applicable limits or from prohibited sources. Corporate and PAC contributions are permissible. Foreign nationals are prohibited from making contributions, unless they have permanent residency status in the United State of America (Green Card). Contributions from individuals, corporations and PACs are accepted and subject to City of Orange Municipal Code, which limits contributions to $1,000 per election cycle.